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Sales Agents & Distributors

Get in touch with our Sales Team:

Inge Kindberg
+45 20690939

Anne Agerlin
+45 52102049

Frode Strømman
Frode Kommode AS
+47 4040 1944

Emelie Edvinsson
+46 765 501827

Oliver Brehmer & Olaf Richter
4 happy friends GmbH
+49 (0)40 55773312 

Melvin van Alphen
Lexson Brands BV
+31 (0)76 5223186

Dunya van der Zeijden
Zeijden Brands
+31 (0)61 4045067 

Debby Schelstraete
Alfashion Brands
+32 494 52 83 62


By appointment only:

Ryesgade 19C, 5th floor
DK - 2200 Copenhagen N
+45 27837291


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