We love you, Vilma!

More often than not, a company needs young blood to revitalise its perspective. For that purpose, interns can act as dynamic input, a breath of fresh air, in an already established workplace. We had the pleasure of having Vilma Edvinsson, a 15-year-old dance dynamo, as our PR & Marketing intern. 

Vilma visited us from Frostaskolen, Hörby⏤a small locality and the seat of Hörby Municipality, in Skåne, Sweden, with a small population of around 7,000. “In my spare time, I love to dance, and spend a lot of time on it back in Hörby,” Vilma says.

The internship lasted a week, but the impression Vilma left will undoubtedly last much longer. Vilma was set to thrive under the capable wings of Content Creator Santijana “Santi” Blazeska, who acted as Vilma’s main point of contact and acting mentor. Needless to say, Vilma spent the majority of her time with Santi and becoming intimate with Santi’s way of working and problem-solving. “I really enjoyed discovering how much work is being done behind the scenes: everything from planning to executing,” Vilma eagerly recalls.  

The work both Santi and Vilma did culminated in a photoshoot which was the result of meticulous planning and tireless execution by the entire Marketing team. During the photoshoot, we asked Vilma if she would try out a pair of trousers in front of the camera. A challenge she politely accepted… And my oh my… This 15-year-old student took the stage like a seasoned pro and immersed herself into an improvised dance-choreography. It created a charged vibe in the room that left an impression on both us and Vilma: “My favourite part was definitely the photoshoot. Both being behind the camera, and in front, as it allowed me to use my experience and skillset as a dancer. It was a blast!” 

The sheer delight of the pristine footage left us with no other choice than to use it publicly⏤with Vilma’s full-throated consent, of course. 

We were thrilled to experience the gift of a visit from such a talent. And it warms us that Vilma felt the same way: “I was quite surprised how nice all the people were... And the amount of work that is being put in.” She pauses and continues, “I didn’t know what to expect, but I really enjoyed the process. And would love to work within this field.”